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Estonian Crop Research Institute

We carry out research in crop breeding, agrotechnology, plant biotechnology, and plant protection.

  • Estonian Crop Research Institute is a state research and development institute operating in the area of governance of the Estonian Ministry of Rural Affairs. The Institute was formed after uniting the Estonian Research Institute of Agriculture and the Jõgeva Plant Breeding Institute on July 1, 2013.
  • Institute’s research and development activities support the increase in efficiency and competitiveness of agricultural production. Meanwhile, reducing the sector’s negative impact on the environment and helping to maintain agrobiodiversity.
  • To maintain agrobiodiversity, the main activities include breeding new varieties of crops, ensuring maintenance breeding of registered varieties, preserving genetic resources of the plants, as well as producing and distributing certified seeds of various crops.
  • We work actively with local and foreign educational, research, and development institutions and entrepreneurs. Close collaboration with farmers and the agricultural sector is a necessity for implying research results into practice.

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Andre Veskioja

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