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European agriculture relies mainly on imported fertilizers, but at the same time, a large amount of the minerals contained in organic waste remain unused within the EU. The project aims to provide solutions that take advantage of organic waste and thus reduces the problems associated with food production, climate change, and recycling.

To achieve these goals, nutrient recycling technologies will be improved to produce bio-based fertilizers from fish and aquaculture by-products. The project will set up pilot projects in Europe that take into account regional circumstances and circular economic opportunities.

SEA2LAND also optimizes other technologies that produce bio-based fertilizers for the production of specialty fertilizers as well as compound fertilizers. The project offers solutions through seven case studies and more than ten technological solutions in six representative regions of the fishing sector (North, Baltic, Atlantic, Cantabria, Mediterranean, and Adriatic).

The project is coordinated by Spanish organisation Neiker Instituto Vasco De Investigacion Y Desarrollo Agrario.

Azti (Spain), Barna SA (Spain), Nutriloop (Estonia), Caviar Pirinea (Spain), Catar Critt Agroressources (France), Universita Politecnica Delle Marche (Italy), Aquabiotech (Malta), Fundacio Universitaria Balmes (Spain), Fertinagro Biotech (Spain), Grønn Gjødsel (Norwegian), Nibio – Norsk Institutt for Biookonomi (Norwegian), Instituto de Soldadura e Qualidade (Portugal), Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse (France), Universiteit Gent (Belgium), Universita Degli Studi Di Milano (Italy), Chambre d’Agriculture des Pyrénées Atlantiques (France), FIBL - Forschungsinstitut fur Biologischen Landbau Stiftung (Switzerland), Universite de Liege (Belgium), Norsk Landbruksrådgiving (Norway), Instituto De Investigaciones Agropecuarias (Chile), Iniciativas Innovadoras Sal (Spain), FIBL Europe – Forschungsinstitutfur Biologischen Landbau in Europa (Belgium), IPS Konzalting d.o.o za Poslovne Usluge (Croatia), Societa Cooperativa Pescatori Molluschicoltori –(Italy)

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Project duration: 2021-2024

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Liina Edesi

Liina Edesi

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European Commission (Research and Innovation)

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